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Does Tan Through Swimwear Really Work?

Posted by Blieu on

If you are anything like me, you are skeptical of new things and wonder if they really work the way the marketing folks say they do. We think that there has to be some gimmick or angle to the claims to let the advertisers say all they can without actually being guilty of false advertising. Trying to weed out the junk is hard! You may be skeptical of tan through swimwear just like you are of miracle diet pills. Actually, the science behind tan through swimsuits is very simple and easy to explain. No gimmicks or angles!

Sun shining thru a tan through swimsuitThe fabric allows sunlight to pass through to expose your covered skin to the rays from the sun. Each brand of tan through swimsuits let in different levels of sunlight because of fabric construction and weaving, but they all work based on the same essential premise—let light through to allow the skin to tan like the uncovered skin does, only a little more slowly. The fabric acts like a sunscreen to the skin, but your tan can be evened out by applying a sunscreen to the uncovered skin to match the SPF of the fabric. Over time, your tan will even out. Without the use of SPF lotion, you will still get darker skin underneath the swimsuit. You will probably still have tan lines, but they will not be nearly as stark as with conventional swimwear because sunlight will still be passing thru the fabric. Place a tanning sticker underneath your suit and see what I mean! It will be akin to putting SPF lotion on part of your skin and not the rest. You will still get a tan there, but it just won’t be as dark. With the use of sunscreen on all exposed skin, you will tan thru your bathing suit evenly, giving you a seamless tan. Give it time and it will come!

Tan through mens swimwear with 1 inch sideIf you are not concerned about getting a tan through your swimsuit, there are a few other incidental perks of the tan through fabric.

  • Psoriasis treatment--Some of our customers claim that the sunlight that passes through the fabric helps to clear their psoriasis symptoms. There are numerous articles online concerning the benefits of UV therapy on this skin malady. If you suffer from psoriasis, you can give a tan through swimsuit a try to see if the extra sunlight that the fabric allows to pass through helps your skin.
  • Quick drying swimsuits--Swimwear companies that claim to have tan through garments also claim what they offer to be quick drying. This makes sense since the fabric has tiny holes that allow the light and air through to aid in the drying and the cooling of your swimsuit and your body. (This may be the favorite feature of our customers.) It keeps the skin healthier and comfortable under your swimming suit. Divers love them for this reason!
  • Snag free swimwear—Lifestyles Tan Through Swimwear guarantees their swimwear and accessories made from their patented tan through fabric to not snag on rough surfaces, giving you a more durable garment.

Don’t take my word for it! See what some of our customers have said about their tan through bathing suits:

These tan through swimsuits are awesome!

Posted by Jeanie B. on Apr 16th 2016

I was a little skeptical when I first saw the idea of tan through swimwear on Amazon but decided to try one here (free shipping). As soon as I received it I laid out in the sun with a sticker under the suit to see for myself. I did not tan under the suit as well as I did on my chest but I certainly did tan. It would take a lot of practice and effort to get an even tan but I suppose it could be done. I am not concerned with that as my arms are always darker anyway but it is nice to have a little color everywhere.

One piece suit

Posted by Chris Ehrich on Apr 25th 2016

Well fitting suit, love the color and fabric. Have been wearing these suits for the last 30 years (yes!) as they dry so quickly that one does not get cold after getting out of the water. Highly recommend them

Tan In Style

Posted by Antonia Munici on Apr 10th 2016

I have purchased a lot of tan thru suits. This was the best purchase. Fit just right and perfect for the style. Full coverage and still got a tan.

The Best Suit For Tanning!!!!

Posted by Jana on Apr 4th 2016

I live in south Florida and live in a bathing suit except when I am working. I only own Tan Through swim wear and have at least 7 different styles/colors in my drawer at any given time. This suit top wears comfortably under clothing like underwear so I am ready to take off my shirt and catch some rays anywhere anytime! (The suit bottom has the string ties at either hip and wears well under loose clothing but not tighter shorts.) I have bought this same suit and the green version at least 2-3 times over the past several years because I like it so much!!! But I still save the old ones that I wear for yard work...the fabric takes forever to wear out and it never snags!!! Since I wear the tan thru suits so much, the color eventually fades but that's a great excuse to buy a new one!!!

Get your tan through swimsuit today to put it to the test! We have several guarantees to protect you as the consumer, so you should have no worries. We sell swimming suits for both men and women in numerous styles and colors to suit your body type and taste.

As always, if you have any questions about any of our tan through swimsuits or our shipping services, just let us know and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

See ya next week!